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Fait Gallery

Ve Vaňkovce 2

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Temporary exhibition

Milan Grygar / Light, Sound, Movement


18:00 - 23:30 Making a Kokedama / workshop for children and adults with the Kvítí z lesa flower shop

Kokedama is the Japanese form of growing plants in a ball of soil covered in moss which can be suspended in space. During Brno Museum Night you can buy various species of plants. Following instruction by Radka Jaburková from the Kvítí z lesa flower shop in Brno, you will learn how to accommodate them in a moss ball and how to care for your levitating plant.

18:00 - 21:00 Nonconformist Drawing / workshop for the youngest children (2 to 6 years)

What we draw is just as important as how and with what it is drawn. Come and experiment with unusual drawing in Indian ink where instead of a brush you will use natural materials, such as a sharpened piece of bamboo or a feather. The workshop of Non-conformist Drawing inspired by the work of Milan Grygar is suitable for children of 2 - 6 years accompanied by parents.

18:00 - 22:30 Nocturnal Synergy / workshop for children and adults (6 to ∞ years)

Inspired by Milan Grygar’s experimental drawing we will awaken our senses. Through art activity we will sharpen the sight, the hearing and tactile perception. We will discover the drawn track left behind mechanical toys and try out intuitive work with the paper surface. During the night the visitors will make their personal contributions to creating a graphic music sheet for musical interpretation.

18:00 - 23:30 EMBROIDERY HOW-TO / workshop for adults with Daniela Mikulášková
The Brno artist Daniela Mikulášková creates embroidered paintings inspired by drawings of her children, whose names gave rise to the name of her brand - Kao & Maki. The workshop for adults and children from 8 years is intended both for the beginners and the advanced. At the Fait Gallery Daniela Mikulášková will instruct you how to transfer a drawing onto canvas and will guide you through the basics of embroidery as an art technique. The basic material will be available on site for free, enthusiasts can buy canvas strung on the frame.
20:00 Guided tour of the exhibition of Milan Grygar with the exhibition curator
22:00 Guided tour of the exhibition of Milan Grygar with the exhibition curator
During Brno Museum Night you can visit the Mutter Café with vegan food, the Artmap bookshop and the children’s corner