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Czech National Bank, Brno

Rooseveltova 18

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Permanent exhibition

Beauty in Glass and Metal
The exhibition entitled “Beauty in Glass and Metal” presents the oeuvre of one of the most prominent artists who designed Czechoslovak and Czech coins, Jiří Harcuba (1928–2013), which he bequeathed to the Czech National Bank. Several dozen sculptures and glass exhibits document the life-long work of this world-renowned artist, glass designer, sculptor and engraver of medals, who designed the Czech five-crown coin among others.
People and Money
The permanent exhibition called “People and Money” conceived in Brno in collaboration with the Moravian Museum is situated in the building of the former Mortgage Bank, today the seat of the Czech National Bank. It provides a rare insight into the history of the development of money and presents a complete overview of currency in the Czech lands with a special focus on the different characteristics of this phenomenon in Moravia. Visitors can see rare documents illuminating the history of the monetary policy, different means of payment and examples of the security features in the past and at present.