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Museum of Literature in Moravia, Rajhrad

Klášter 1, Rajhrad

The admission fee of 20 CZK is paid on the first entry and is valid for all the museum buildings open to the public.
Last entry at 23.30
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Permanent exhibition

Historical Benedictine library
Moravian Literature of the 19th – 20th Century
The Study of the Poet Josef Suchý
Old Church Slavonic and Moravian Literature of the 9th – 18th century
Medieval Scriptorium and the History of the Rajhrad Monastery

Temporary exhibition

Cyrilic-Methodian Velehrad
The Alphabet Adventure II
Josef Kainar 1917–1971
Nursery Rhymes and The Golden Hair


Baroque Light Images
Monastery Viticulture
Guided tours of the historical library